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Reméd Lakay: Haitian Home Remedies. Boston: Haitian Multi-Service Center, 1994. [Online] 19 October 1998.

Available at: Click on "About MBCWEIS and its partners" then "Haitian Multiservice Center" then "Student Publications"; free.

While the cover of this online booklet of traditional Haitian home remedies says it is "intended to provide the reader with natural alternatives to western medicine," its real value may be as a literacy tool. The 13 remedies, each about one or two paragraphs long, were written by a group of ESOL students, and include the students' memories of how they learned the remedy and how they have used it in the past. While the remedies could spark enthusiastic discussion and writing exercises among students, a cautionary note seems advisable: the authors of these remedies wrote them down for a language class, not as part of a health study. There is no proof of their efficacy or even their safety. Some are in English; some are in Haitian Creole.

Keywords: Alternative medicine / Immigrants