Health Patrol

Violence is a serious health problem, just as AIDS, STDs and cancer Cover: Question Voilence, Love is the Answer
This book and the project that it is based upon were done in Lowell at the Cambodian MAA (Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association ) by four beautiful students in the Young Parent Program from January through June, 1994
. Our purpose was to learn more and to teach others about health and violence in our community. We were funded by Adult and Community Services, ABE Comprehensive Health Program Grant, Massachusetts Department of Education.

Health Patrol student members: Roeup Sin, Channy Rom, Cheryl Valkavitch , and Pheach Hem
Educators: Elizabeth Morrish, Nikki Bennett, Jane Cook Teacher Notes

All text and photos: students
Design: Jane Cook with student participation


Stories of Hope
Photo of  Student
Channy Rom's Story
Photo of Officer Mao
Officer Mao's Story

Testimonies to Violence

These stories are from interviews by the educators and students of women in the Young Parent Program (YPP) class. The students speak English as a second language; these passages have been left in the students' own voices.

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