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  • Canyon Ranch Institute (CRI)
    Dedicated to "optimal health for all people," CRI implements education and research projects, all rooted in health literacy, to encourage wellness in rural and disadvantaged communities nationally and abroad.

    Expecting the Best
    This program teaches adults with limited English language skills about health and well-being through English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. Read about the program, the resulting curriculum, and tips for collaborating between ESL programs and health care agencies.

    Health & Literacy Partnerships
    Focus on Basics (2008), 9(B)
    Focus on Basics is a research-to-practice newsletter for adult literacy practitioners. This issue on health and literacy partnerships describes a variety of collaborations between adult literacy programs and health agencies.

    Health Literacy Missouri
    This statewide coalition has become a major resource for the field, through its creative in-state projects and by convening broader discussions and support for new initiatives nationwide. This site is continually updated to list a variety of useful resources, including upcoming events, new developments in the field, and an extensive searchable database of reports and materials.

    Health Literacy Wisconsin
    A division of Wisconsin Literacy, Inc., this nonprofit coalition is recognized nationally for its biennial Health Literacy Summits, its far-reaching efforts in-state, and its leadership in mentoring newer partnerships between adult literacy programs and health care agencies.

  • Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA)
    IHA hosts an annual health literacy conference (with continuing education credits), provides rewrite and design services for health education materials, publishes an easy-to-read series,  What to Do for Health , and supports health literate health services and outreach.


    The Institute of Medicine (IOM) Roundtable on Health Literacy
    This multi-disciplinary group discusses current health literacy issues and identifies ways to promote health literacy through best practices and partnerships. This site links to past reports and meetings, and describes current activities.

    Literacy Assistance Center
    This professional development organization in New York City has developed several unique and successful health literacy projects, which connect teachers and literacy learners with hospitals and health agencies to help them serve their populations better. This site has many resources that you can find by inserting "health literacy" in the search box.

    Marshfield Clinic: Health Literacy Toolkit Improves Communication and Understanding
    The Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin developed a Health Literacy Toolkit available on its intranet to improve how the clinic addresses health literacy challenges there.

    Medical Library Association Health Information Literacy
    This page describes the Medical Library Association's efforts to foster an understanding among health professionals, educators, and librarians of the role that health information literacy plays in empowering people to read, understand, and act. The work includes resources for health information professionals and consumers.

    Navigating Health Care
    Anderson, J. E. & Rudd, R. (2006). Focus on Basics, 8(C), 16-19
    Read about how literacy students do a "walk through" in a hospital to determine barriers to navigation for those with literacy challenges.

    Rhode Island Health Literacy Partnership
    Established in 2005, this statewide effort to increase awareness of health literacy issues and improve citizens' health literacy brings together state health departments, education institutions, and the state's largest health insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island.

    Read more and add your own project to the Health Literacy Area of the Adult Literacy Education (ALE) Wiki

    See the "Promising Practices" section for information on other health literacy projects. You can add your own project's description to the Wiki and share with others! http://wiki.literacytent.org/index.php/Health_Literacy

    You can also link to this Wiki page from the "HL Community" section in the upper right corner of the Health Literacy Special Collection.

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